During the last weeks, the Impact Laboratory (I3A) of the University of Zaragoza has completed a series of sled tests including the THOR dummy, young and elderly volunteers and Post Mortem Human Surrogates that will be used within the SENIORS project. We were fortunate to count with the assistance of colleagues from some of the partners of the SENIORS consortium. In the picture from left to right:



TOP: Javier Teller (IL@unizar), Ana Piqueras (IL@unizar), Ana Lorente (IL@unizar), Julia Mühlbauer (LMU), Sylvia Schick (LMU), Andre Eggers (BASt), Alvydas Jonuas (IL@unizar) , Ioannis Symeonidis (CERTH)

BOTTOM: Ramune Svaraite (IL@unizar), Asta Danauskiene (IL@unizar), Oscar Juste (IL@unizar), Francisco Lopez-Valdes (IL@unizar), Mario Maza (IL@unizar)

Additional information about the SENIORS project can be found here

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